Combination Dinners
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2. One Taco, One Enchilada and One Chalupa                      
3. One Enchilada, One Taco and One Chile Relleno            
4. Two Tacos, One Enchilada and Chile Con Queso             
5. Two Beef Enchiladas, Rice and Beans                                
6. One Beef Enchilada, One Taco Rice and Beans               
7. One Enchilada, Chile Relleno, Rice and Beans                 
8. One Enchilada, One Tamal, Rice and Beans                     
9. One Chalupa, One Chicken Enchilada, Rice and Beans    
10. Two Beef Tacos, Rice and Beans                                        
11. Two Beef Tacos, Rice and Beans                                      
12. One Beef Burrito, One Taco & a cheese Quesadilla        
13. One Enchilada, One Beef Burrito and Chile Relleno       
14. One Taco, One Chile Relleno and Chalupa                        
15. One Beef Burrito, One Enchilada and One Tamal             
16. One Beef Burrito, One Chalupa and Chile Relleno          
17. One Burrito, One Enchilada, Rice and Beans                     
18. One Chalupa, One Chile Relleno and One Enchilada       
19. One Chalupa, One Beef Burrito and One Enchilada      
20. One Chile Relleno, One Taco, Rice and Beans                 
21. One Taco, One Burrito and One Chalupa                          
22. One Chimichanga(
fried or soft), one taco, rice & beans      
23. One Taco, One Beef Burrito, Rice and Beans                   
24. Two Taquitos(
chicken or beef), with lettuce,                         
pico de gallo, tomatoes, guacamole & sour cream.
Served with Rice & Beans
25. One Chile Relleno, One Beef Burrito and Rice                 
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